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You need something to boost your marketing, something that will help you make a better connection with your audience so that you can build a loyal tribe and grow in success. We’re here to help you achieve your goals, share our knowledge and build a winning team.

Our approach

Do you have a problem we can solve?

Marketing is about making connections, and in order to make the best possible connection it’s really important to understand your audience. We approach every project we undertake with this in mind.

When we take on a problem, we always start with the audience. Who is your audience? What’s their problem? What do they want from you? How can we work together to meet their needs and surpass their expectations?

When we look at solutions, we try to think of the best way to solve your problem for your audience. How will this solution benefit your customers? What is the aim of this piece of marketing? How will this grow your audience? How will this help you make a better connection?

‘Rusty Monkey has been incredibly easy to work with. They listened to what we needed for our site and responded with great, clean design work. Always responsive and helpful whenever we have any questions, they go the extra mile to understand our organisational needs and work with us in communicating our identity.’

‘[We loved] the professionalism of Rusty Monkey and the thought provoking ideas they presented. Very eye opening.

Your brief

Think you know what you need?

It's great to have a goal, but it's also important to keep an open mind. When arriving at your objective, did you ask yourself all the right questions?

Did you consider if this is the best thing for your audience? Did you think about the other possible solutions that might achieve even better results? Are you too concerned about what your competitors are doing? Are you thinking too conventionally?

We've found that when people come to us with a ready-made solution ('We need an ecommerce site', 'We need a new logo', 'We need a print brochure') there is often a better way to achieve their goals that they haven't thought of.

Our approach is to identify the problem that needs solving ('We aren't making enough sales', 'People don't know how to use our products', 'We need to tell our customers about this new thing', 'We aren't connecting enough on social media') and then identify the best solution for that problem based on your time-frame and budget. It might be an ecommerce site. It might be a new logo. It might be a print brochure. But it might not.

About us

Do you want something remarkable?

There are two kinds of marketing agency: one that will quickly and efficiently deliver what you ask for; and one that will ask challenging questions, suggest alternative solutions, and take the time to truly understand your goals in order to achieve them in the best possible way.

We’re the second kind. If you’re interested in developing this type of partnership, we’d love to talk more.

Take a look at some work we've done Bunch2

EV Charging Solutions - Online marketing

40,000 clicks and Google Position Zero achieved.

EVCS needed an online marketing strategy that would allow them to grow their audience and convert more clicks to sales.

Avila Herbals - Branding | Web Design | Graphic design

An exciting new brand that challenges the market status quo.

The therapeutic CBD market is saturated with nondescript branding and ubiquitous hemp leaves. We wanted to do something different, something that would set Avila Herbals apart from traditional stereotypes of hemp product users.

Dance4 - Web Design

An immersive web experience that’s as dynamic as its subject.

Dance4 needed something other than a normal website. The site needed to capture the dynamism of their choreography, as well as tell the story of the community they have built through expressive dance installations.

Evil Scarecrow - Video production

Half a million views (and counting) and videos the fans love.

The band needed some new music videos to fit their whacky style and appeal to their fan-base. We had ambitious plans to create some technically demanding concepts, which would require all of the studio’s video and animation expertise.

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